Album Review: Spoon – They Want My Soul

Published by JB on August 11, 2014


"Well, you say that you need me
Like an ocean needs sand
But the way you mistreat me
I just don't understand"  — Spoon, 2014.

How ironic is it that one of Spoon's most popular songs is called 'The Underdog', when in fact a new Spoon album always carries along the shrugging assumption that it will be nothing short of outstanding.  A band that has released the longest, consecutive string of great rock and roll albums since the Beatles (yes! since those guys) is a sure-fire bet, every time.  Spoon is the winning horse in every race.   They are no underdog.  They are like Carl Lewis in 1984. They don't lose.

What Spoon has become (without the attention of the mainstream (and we're talking Black Keys-style mainstream)) is one of the top rock bands of our generation.  Do their comparatively lukewarm overall record sales still remove them from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame consideration a decade from now?  Unfortunately, probably yes – but to us, right now, they are our blue-collared heroes.  It's a musical crime when TV talent show contestants and the Adam Lamberts of the world perform in arenas while Spoon blazes away every night, below the spotlight, at a venue near you.  At least they still belong to us.

Daniel's singing voice is one of the great sounds of rock.  Emphatic, funky and magnetic – he's a 40+ year-old dynamo in button down shirts.  The album's opening single 'Do You' is pure, classic Spoon – energetic yet effortless and dam near perfect.  Want more brilliance?   Try out "Let Me Be Mine".  Where most near-great bands drown in their inability to breakthrough barriers, Spoon remains largely the same – and the better for it.   All of their albums for the past decade sound very similar and They Want My Soul fits like a comfortable glove into their esteemded catalog.   The overt catchiness of their riffs, melodies and Daniel's voice makes them sublime.   They are no ordinary 1-trick pony, they simply do things really well and they do it better than nearly everyone else – everytime!




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