Album Review: Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Published by JB on March 26, 2017

Released on March 17, 2017


Hot Thoughts adds to a catalog that 99% of all rock bands would die for

“When the mood of the era’s gone
Everybody fading me, even my ma
And the words get stuck on the tip of my tongue
Feeling cut off from everyone”
taken from ‘Do I Have To Talk You Into It’ by Spoon (2017)

Long, long ago, we already knew, that Spoon could do no wrong.  There’s too much talent.  Too many great hooks, too many great riffs.  There’s that perfect lead voice by Britt Daniel.   That impeccable song craft.   Those near perfect albums with just the right gap in between release dates to make us thirsty everytime.   And its always Daniel who continues to be the band’s one-man tour de force; writing or co-writing all of the tracks on Hot Thoughts, playing lead guitar and retaining one of the greatest rock and roll deliveries of our generation.   Daniel is old school, but nothing about Hot Thoughts sounds dated.  It’s another new breed of rockful bliss that its sublime, synth-heavy predecessor They Want My Soul ignited.   Listen to track ‘First Caress’ or the funky ‘Do I Have To Talk You Into It’ and in less than eight minutes you’ll hear again why Spoon is Spoon, and every other band wishes they could be.


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