Album Review: Sleigh Bells – Jessica Rabbit

Published on March 8, 2017 by JB

Release date:  November 11, 2016


The Brooklyn duo’s (Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Edward Miller) 4th album comes advertised as a transition to a more pop sound in the midst of the traditional machine gun guitar riffs and
hollered vocals.  You don’t make it to the cover of SPIN without something cool taking place.  However, it simply doesn’t quite happen on Jessica Rabbit.   Aside from the early release single and obvious album winner ‘Hyper Dark’, the album barely takes a step forward for the Bells.  They’re still relying too heavily on the fist to your face recipe.  It works tremendously for a 75 minute concert set (where the band truly excels) however it becomes tiresome on a full length album – especially their 4th.   The disappointing factor is the couple times I’ve met Ms Krauss, she’s enormously likable and soft spoken, generous with her time and genuinely sincere in her delivery.  I wanted to like this album more than I do.   As with so many bands that seminal album simply escapes them while their on-stage street cred grows and grows with the faithful.  Hence, the Sleigh Bells sit in 2017 with a reasonably fine catalog, but one that seems to send the same message each time.





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