Album review: Sigur Ros – Brennisteinn EP

Review:  Sigur Ros – Brennisteinn EPBrennisteinn+EP+png

Release date: March 2013

Article and review by Joe Stadele.   Published April 16, 2013 by JB.

Score:  8/10

“Brennistein” is a song for the second coming.

Ticket holders for Sigur Rós’ 2013 Spring Tour were recently issued a special treat prior to their US concert run.  Designed to wet fan appetites for the June release of their upcoming album, Kveikur, the 3-track Brennisteinn EP is a statement; all of which is packed into the EP’s 8-minute self-titled opener.

“Brennistein” is a mammoth; brutal, dark, and unsettling. Like an approaching torrential storm, the song reveals itself in waves.  First the pitter-patter of rain, then a thunderous buzz saw drone followed by marching stomp percussion.  Yet somewhere in the darkness, Sigur Rós sprinkle rays of light amongst the orchestral storm and the song is propelled to all new heights through the falsetto vocals of Jónsi Birgisson and accompanying strings.  This is easily Sigur Ros’ heaviest track to date, nodding to the bleakness of ( ), yet treading new territory for the real second coming of the newly downsized three-piece (which we will expand upon closer to the release of Kveikur.)

The EP is padded with b-sides “Hryggjarsúla” and “Ofbirta” (neither of which will appear on thekveikur Kviekur).  “Hryggjarsúla” is a “Brennistein” companion piece caught in reverse, while “Ofbirta” wouldn’t have been out of place on 2012’s Valtari.

If this is any indication of the newly downsized three-piece’s new direction, Sigur Rós fans are in for a treat and true return to form.

Listen to the Brennistein EP:

Pre-order Kveikur today:


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