Album Review: Sally Seltmann – Hey Daydreamer

Score: 7.5/10

Dreamy, beautiful pop record from Australian singer-songwriter standout

Published by JB on April 5, 2014
Release date: March 4, 2014

With a list of impressive credentials that includes the Australian Breakthrough Songwriter of the Year for 2008, and co-composition of the breakthrough iPod Nano song from Feist (‘1234’), Sally Seltmann’s 5th album (and the 2nd under her own name) is another staple into a stellar catalog that most of the U.S. has never heard.   Armed with a brilliant, vibrant voice, it exudes pure ease when exhorting her mix of luscious, melodic, light pop tunes.   She’s the female singer-songwriter that we seem to lack in US record stores, yet gravitate towards instantly when they pop up in our Spotify radio station.  However to call her ‘pop’ is nearly an unfair label.  With the production pared down further, her singer-songwriter skills is where she truly shines.   Her voice is a vital instrument in itself and glides through every track.  Four-minute delights such as ‘Dear Mr. Heartless’ and ‘The Small Hotel’ are brilliant.  Those two songs separate her miles away from the run-of-the-mill pop artist and drop her into a far more elite category.   A wonderful album that I hope leads her into another band effort in the future (which she’s done once in 2011).  Eventually without that additional input from other talent she may begin to twist herself into a knot like Sarah McLachlan has the past 15 years – of which many similarities in sound and talent can be heard.   




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