Album Review: Ride – Weather Diaries

Published by Jeff Becker on August 5, 2017

Released June 17, 2017


“I’m unsettled by the weather
It’s getting stranger
Should it be this good right now?
Are we in some kind of danger?”

taken from the title track off Weather Diaries by Ride (2017)

A wonderful album that goes 3 songs too long

To answer Andy Bell from his title track lyrics above, yes, it is this good right now!   Ride’s first new album in 21 years is a juggernaut, perhaps surpassing even the new sublime Slowdive self-titled release; also from 2017.   From the ethereal title track and it’s mesmerizing guitar solo to the furnace blazing multi-minute outro of ‘Cali’ the Weather Diaries is everything and more that any Ride fan could ever hope for.   And those are arguably not even the two best songs on the album.  It’s a standalone greatest hits album with the type of material legacy Ride fans have been bleeding for two decades waiting for.

Bell’s side efforts (playing for little bands like Oasis) has exposed him to a generation’s worth of songwriting prowess.   It pays off handsomely with this outstanding new piece of vinyl.

The album falls short of true premium status because the final trifecta of songs carry on when the sublime ending of ‘Cali’ would have been the perfect ending.   However, the Smashing Pumpkins-like ‘Rocket Silver Symphony/Lateral Alice’ and the and the Engineers-like dream pop of ‘Home is a Feeling’ provide more tiny samples of the eclectic, beautiful path this album blazes through.

Find a better rock album in 2017.   It won’t happen.


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