Album Review: Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Hell

Published by JB on November 22, 2015


Album Review: Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Hell

Somewhere on the way to becoming the 2nd coming of Siamese Dream a little jangly pop got in the way, with an odd name; Hell.   Coming on the not-so-near heels of 2014’s Days of Abandon, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart (led by the likable Kip Berman) push ahead with a more straight ahead pop/rock offering in the form of a 3-track (two covers) EP called Hell – eschewing the fuzz guitar dreamwork almost entirely from 2011’s mostly excellent Belong.   It’s a welcome revision and a nice change of gears before going back to the fuzz pedal ultimately we assume.  The very, very welcomed addition again of A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s Jen Goma is a lead vocal delight.  Berman’s strength has always been in his songwriting and guitar playing, not vocals.   He’s simply not strong enough behind the mic to carry a full album.   The insertion of Goma is a truly winning deal that Berman should continue well beyond Hell.



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