Album Review: The New Pornographers – Whiteout Conditions

Published April 12, 2017 by JB

Release date:  April 7, 2017


Was it singing from the bad choices
On a ceiling without a pretext
When you give your mind to your voices
You accept the terms of your sentence” from ‘Darling Shade’ (The New Pornographers / 2017)

Now I don’t know what the excerpt exactly means but it sounds like someone is in trouble.   And so it goes on album #7 from the Canadian standouts which features the same rollicking, glam rock stalwarts that we’ve become used to from A.C. Newman and the unforgettable Neko Case.   If you follow Ms. Case on Twitter you know there’s a special, special pedestal somewhere in the Twitterverse adorned by just her.   She’s simply awesome and fearless.

Whiteout Conditions is timeless in sound; borrowing nothing new from modern day rockology, but also never sounding dated.   It’s impossible to tell during our love at first listen if this album is from 2000 or 2017.   Case flourishes on the album throughout, like those rays of sunshine that peak through for a few seconds on a mostly cloudy day.   A.C. Newman is the band’s backbeat, but Case is the blood running through the veins of these tracks.   The dynamic duo (yes, the band has more members but let’s remain focused) sound like angels in a cathedral with the stunning “We’ve Been Here Before”.  It’s 3 minutes and 52 seconds displaying their collaborative perfection with a rare departure from their other galloping rock gems.


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