Album Review: The New Pornographers – Brill Bruisers

Published on Sept 18, 2014 by JB.


It's almost as good as Neko's Twitter account  😉

A.C. Newman, Neko Case (the most recognizable faces of the New Pornographers) and bandmates could not have imagined back in 1999 that 15 years and 6 albums deep into their New Pornographers career that they would end up with the indie supergroup of which all indie supergroups will be measured by.   It's been years since the day they became larger than any of the bands they originally derived from.   And that's a great thing for us despite being probably somewhat devastating for their prior bands that will live now in that shadow.   Bad news for them but good news for my turntable.

Brill Bruisers is another solid blast of guitar-based power pop with the unique harmonies that Newman and Case give nearly each track.   Nobody else sounds like "Brill Bruisers".  There's no disguising a New Porn track.   Their sound by now is engraved into our indie mainstream as much as any artist or band of our generation.   Every track is the rollicking, delightful tunage that we've been singing along too for over a decade now.  They belong in that elite status of their other Candadian counterparts (i.e., Arcade Fire and the missing-in-action Broken Social Scene).   Brill Bruisers is the shiny pop masterpiece album we knew was coming.  No curveballs here.   Just the 45 minutes of perfection ("Backside") we've begun to expect every 48 months.   If you want even more fun?  Follow Neko on Twitter.  


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