Album Review: Milo Greene – Control

Milo Greene – Control


Published by JB on February 21, 2015
Release date:  January 27, 2015

Disappointing sophomore effort sees band veer away from the beautiful pop they found in 2012

Describing themselves as a cinematic pop band back in 2012 is a fan-friendly way to establish an identity that features four talented lead singers; a Fleetwood Mac-esque trick that worked with almost near-perfection on their beautiful self-titled debut.   During that magical year for Milo Greene they were outperforming the headliners and delivered an album filled with infectious pop goodies (‘1957’, from that debut Milo Greene album was better than anything Mumford and Sons or the Lumineers have ever released).

Fast forward to 2015 and the new album is dominated by breathy new dance floor songs, none really hitting the mark.  Slick production, tiny hooks, but mostly emptiness.  Not until the fine album closers (the back to back sublime ‘Lonely Eyes’ and ‘Royal Blue’) does the album take off, but by then it’s too late to recover.  Catchy hooks are few and far between as the album struggles to hit the mark in all areas.   Control drips with unexpected mediocrity but removes only a tiny piece of the optimism we have accumulated the last three years.  Music fans always love a comeback and this album warrants one next time.

It’s too early to say this but it’s the most disappointing album of 2015.






2 thoughts on “Album Review: Milo Greene – Control

  1. april markley

    I agree, I will still see this band when they come through my city in hopes for a few from the first album, but am disappointed with control. Your description of mostly “emptiness” hits the nail on the head. Where are the simple beautiful chord changes that you can really “feel” paired with their impeccable harmonizing? The catchy melodies sung by spot on harmonizing really take a back seat in this album for a more ambient “empty” feeling. I felt their R&B influence in the last album but this time…’s a little soul-less.

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