Album Review: Jets Overhead – Boredom and Joy

Published: July 12, 2012

Jets Overhead – Boredom and Joy

Score:  7.5/10

Release date: July 10, 2012

For years I couldn’t put my finger on who Jets Overhead sounded like.  Yeah, it was something in my catalog of rock, but it was just out of my mental reach.  Somewhere at sometime I had heard this sound before, but not this good.  My iTunes catalog continued to grow year after year with the new Jets Overhead releases.  And then during ‘Directions’ off the new Boredom and Joy it finally hit me:  they sound like a significantly upgraded version of Collective Soul; one of my alternative rock guilty pleasures from years long gone.   And to a lesser extent Jets Overhead is what Coldplay wishes they could sound like right now versus the over-produced potpourri of styles they can’t quite pull off.

Smooth, silky, buoyant, ambient rock with ethereal vocals that seem to float a good half dozen layers above the instruments.   If the 3rd track “What You Really Want” doesn’t take you on a laser light show roundtrip flight to Saturn and back in a mere 4:17 then it’s time to find a new spaceship Mr. Skywalker.  Now, I’m not sure if the members of Jets Overhead consider that Collective Soul reference a good thing or not but let’s go with the good part.   I’m guilty of having little or no knowledge to the current street cred status of Collective Soul but Jets Overhead is on the top of that list of bands that your best friend has never heard of.   Beautiful pop melodies recorded in sonic perfection.   An instrument or chord out of tune would be a like a broken nail for the Queen here.  It simply won’t happen.

So let’s back up the cart briefly.  If you listen to “All The People” from the Jets’ debut album Bridge and it doesn’t make you stop in your tracks then you’re one of those peeps that can keep your pulse at about 62 while fleash-eating fish work their way up your leg.  Not me.  An anthem of greatness as it helped catapult Jets Overhead into a well-earned JUNO nomination in 2007 in what is still a highly competitive market of outstanding music in Canada.    The new album Boredom and Joy, the 3rd full length album from Jets Overhead, is that rare mix of what I would call lush rock.  It has the balls of rock and roll but enclosed with pop music shiny wrapping paper.   It’s the type of music angels would play when they want a night out on the town and are a little sick of their Cocteau Twins catalog.   It’s a million miles away from jangly pop but yet it would be perfect listening music on that 68 degree night driving through San Diego with the roof down (I’ve never been to San Diego but work with me here).  Every other song is radio-friendly.  Somewhere in the world there’s a product out there in need of a commercial with the Jets Overhead as the soundtrack.  Multi-layered vocals in perfect harmonies on top of politely strummed rock.  One of the best known secrets in indie rock right now, but then again, who can blame them when they’re busy making music for those angels that like to party.

Rock bliss this is.   Click on the album covers below to listen to and purchase the Jets Overhead back catalog.  Not a clunker in the bunch.










A screen shot of my iTunes below.  What can I say?  I like to party with angels.



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