Album Review: Franz Ferdinand – Right Thoughts Right Words Right Actions

Score: 7/10


Strange title, Good album, Great catalog.

Published by JB on October 24, 2013
Release date: August 26, 2013

Album #4 from Franz Ferdinand has the unenviable task of following a trifecta of opening albums that burst them onto the scene with nearly the same fervor that British bands like Oasis enjoyed a decade prior.  But where Oasis spiraled down into drugs and bloated 8 minute, fucked up sing-alongs, the men of Franz keep their bouncy brand of sparse punk funk firmly in tact.  In fact, it’s difficult to tell their debut album (the self-titled, Franz Ferdinand) from Right Words.   And that’s not a bad thing.   After a 4-year gap awaiting these new tunes we weren’t exactly looking for them to release an unplugged album.  Kapranos sings in his most Beatles-esque2013-10-09_Franz_D6H-35 style ever on ‘Fresh Strawberries’ while the danceable opening track ‘Right Action’ tries to harken back to the days of old school Franz, but falling just short.  Tracks with titles such as ‘Treason! Animals’ scream for random drug testing from our Scottish self-proclaimed studs but one stinker on a 10 track album is acceptable and is merely an intermission before a nice 3-track closer that includes the album’s hidden highlight; the ultra-sexy ‘Brief Encounters’.  Their 4-album catalog sits perched on the pedestal of finest debut album stretches in the past 30 years.


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