Album Review: Foxygen – …And Star Power

Published by JB on November 29, 2014.

Release date:  October 14, 2014.


….And Hints of Greatness

Brazen, 2-LP set is all over the board with more spaced-out 60’s and early-70’s flourishes

Borrowing absolutely nothing from the last 3 decades of rock and pop, Foxygen release a now less-than-shocking but very formidable followup to 2013’s critically-acclaimed We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic.  Spread out over 2 full LP’s the album is a vinyl owners delight, culling images and sounds from the timeframe when the buyer’s decision was 8-track or vinyl.  The fact this is released on CD even doesn’t feel right given the genre this music borrows from.  It’s as spaced out as the reputation as Foxygen has become.  Unpredictable, all over the place (especially LP2) with hints of beautiful pop along the way.   Songs on LP1 have tiny hooks that last for a minute and then dissipate into something entirely different.   The entire set is a potpourri of random snippets that spend a lot of time saying unfortunately, too little.   The moments of greatness are still just all too brief.   It’s as frustrating as it is rewarding.

The album as a whole is as coherent as it would be if you jumped out of a plane while wearing 3D glasses.  As its predecessor (21st Century) did, …And Star Power is once again born entirely from the old psychedelic and spaced out rock and pop from the late 60’s (ranging from Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd all the way to the lo-fi beauty of the Mamas and Papas).  It lacks any radio airplay magnetism but delights in the 60’s/early 70’s genre finesse that constantly defines it over four sides.   A fine followup to a superb predecessor.   Even if they self-implode tomorrow they’ve succeeded at being remarkably interesting.



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