Album Review: Crocodiles – Boys

Published by JB on December 27, 2015
Release date: May 12, 2015

Album Review: Crocodiles – Boys


It’s never too late to review stuff.

I know it sucks to say it again but sounding more and more like the Jesus and Mary Chain with each chord change, the Crocodiles again find a potent mix of lo-fi, punk-ish, pop tunes that would make Jim and William Reid very proud.  (Hey, the Mary Chain are icons, so at least the Crocodiles aren’t being repeatedly compared to Whitesnake).

Thus yes indeed, the late 80’s/early 90’s Mary Chain flourishes are all over the place.   iTunes describes their recordings as “sunny” and “scuzzy”.  I’m fine with that.  What is certain is that there’s largefeedback and echoes all over the place – just like you knew there would be.   But cleverly hidden below the layers of reverb are some very simple, but often great, rock and pop songs.   ‘Foolin’ Around’ is simply tremendous, opening with a bass line from ‘Billie Jean’ and transforming into a punk-pop gem, complete with a beautiful guitar riff throughout – jumping off the turntable at all the right times.

The Brandon Welchez and Dee Dee Penny imprint on music today, while perhaps small in our world, is clearly felt.  In the past couple years we’ve been handed truly great releases from Haunted Hearts (Welchez + Penny), the Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles.   All together it’s becoming a progressive catalog where the results are increasingly consistent with their effort.   It’s almost frustratingly clear that the Crocodiles try to balance the fine line between being great and just wanting to fuck around.   Boys does not represent a leap forward from their previous (and slightly superior) full length, Crimes of Passion.  That’s where the Dum Dum Girls have become more serious.  With the Crocodiles you have a feeling that they could do something equally great but still stand in their own way of doing so.



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