Album Review: Chairlift – Moth

Published by JB on March 30, 2016
Release date: January 22, 2016

Album review:  Chairlift – Moth


Polachek goes on display again and rises above the pop masses

Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly make up the dynamic Chairlift duo and they continue to leap over the delta that exists between pop made simply for our ears and pop made for our minds.   The best bands can do both and Polachek is as much a mysterious, sly, sleek, sexy and motivated seductress of a lead singer as anyone around.   Debbie Gibson she isn’t.

2012’s excellent release Something sits side by side with Moth as true ethereal pop juggernauts.   They require more than one listen.   They require a lyrics card to delve into their depth and ingenuity.   This is thinking-persons pop with Polachek breaking into a super early-90’s Sarah McLachlan ozone layer (‘Ottawa to Osaka’) at times.   With each repeated listen the tracks inch themselves a little deeper.

The tracks from Moth blend enormously well with the 3-LP Chairlift catalog – which goes to say this album isn’t any huge leap sideways.   It’s a progression.   Long gone are the days of iPod commercials.   Polachek is no one-hit wonder.   Standout tracks include the ultra-sexy ‘Polymorphing’ and the standout title track, ‘Moth to the Flame’.  They remind us that there’s a huge difference between by-the-numbers Britney Spears pop and the brilliance you hope to find a few times per day on your local indie pop channel.   Polacheck and Chairlift actually sound like a live band making pop music!   In an era of music made for iPads (and on iPads) this is the type of pop a generation flooded with opportunistic copycats can hang their hats on.   This is some brilliant pop in its best form.




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