Album Review: Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars

Published by JB on December 6, 2015

Release date October 16, 2015

Album Review: Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars


Why release a double album when you can make lightning strike twice, and do it so brilliantly?

Gliding along in a genre where they now stand alone at the top, this past fall Beach House proved that Christmas can come early.   Eschewing all industry standards and ignoring the momentum from their exemplary release from July (Depression Cherry) Beach House abruptly released Thank Your Lucky Stars.   It’s an excellent, little sibling to Depression Cherry‘s brilliance.

Song by song the inevitable comparison to Depression Cherry becomes unavoidable.   Different theme?   Different sound?   Better songs?  Well, Stars is a beauty of an album with the wonderful ‘Majorette’ providing yet another opening, dreamy, soft pop delight just like ‘Levitation’ does for Cherry.  Over the next eight tracks on Stars there are only a few misses.  Standouts include ‘All Your Yeahs’ – a pulsating, vibrating tune that opens new doors for Beach House to peak into.   Somewhere out there, a remix of this track will be born.

‘Elegy to the Void’ is the album’s clear centerpiece with its hypnotic, creepy, gothic groove feeling like it’s been lifted out of the next Wes Craven movie.   It’s both chilling and mind-bending at the same.   “Deep beneath the waves, Lilies of the Day, Run from hollow hills, Walk into the night.”  Yeah, somewhere in my mind, someone is holding a knife and someone else is running from them.   On this album, it’s a manipulative masterpiece of song-making.

What Thank Your Lucky Stars does do better than its predecessor is finish off the album.   The closers ‘Rough Song’ and ‘Somewhere Tonight’ are gorgeous, the latter showcasing Legrand’s beautiful chords.   Where Depression Cherry kind of clunks to an end, Thank Your Lucky Stars glides effortlessly into our imagination – just waiting and wondering if it can get even better next time?





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