Album Review: Beach House – Depression Cherry

Beach HouseDepression Cherry

Published by JB on August 29, 2015

Release date: August 30, 2015


We’ve reached that special time in our journalistic lives when a band becomes just scary good.  That point in time when failure isn’t an option, and tremendous accomplishment is a given.  It’s as if their greatness has somehow become a mathematical certainty.

Beach House follows up 2012’s near perfect Bloom with 2015’s equally perfect Depression Cherry.  Somewhere between the band’s third and fourth albums (2010’s Teen Dream and 2012’s Bloom) the band found that magic potion and gelled.  The gazey bliss that Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have concocted is now the current de facto standard of pure dream pop.   They’ve become the Cocteau Twins of the 21st century, and are quickly 20121009_BeachHouse_83speeding towards the Mount Rushmore of SubPop bands along with the likes of those guys from Nirvana.  They’re about one more perfect album away from etching a mark on history.

As it stands now the buoyant, beautiful melodies fly in every direction on Depression Cherry’s 9-track vinyl dream.  The album simply drips rose petals from the clouds that hover above these multi-layered, breathy gems.   The beautiful ‘Space Song’ is somehow better than the My Bloody Valentine-ish ‘Sparks’ right before it.  And just when you think you’ve absorbed a track that can’t be topped you change your mind 4 minutes later.   Because yes, ‘Beyond Love’ tops even ‘Space Song’.   Still, the alarming beauty of the shoegaze flourishes found on ‘Sparks’ provides a brazen leap in the right direction for a band that is fully dominant right now.   Beach House is providing a mixture of shoegaze, dream pop and chillwave that is so far ahead of the competition that the competition just went back into therapy.   Depression Cherry will do that to you.  Legrand’s voice glides along at such an elegant pace that you can almost sense the slight smirk she must have knowing that what her and Scally have created is pummeling anyone who tries to emulate it.

Absolutely untouchable right now.    Wow.


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