1 paragraph Album Review: Nada Surf – You Know Who You Are

Published by JB
Release date:  March 4, 2016

Nada Surf –  You Know Who You Are ( 7.5/10)

An album the recently departed Glenn Frey would probably love.   The driving-with-the-windows-down breezy, sunshine beauty of 'Friend Hospital' is the type of Nada Surf jangly gem longtime fans will just continue to love.   The New York-based indie favorites (which now include Doug Gillard) have no problem making delicious little rock songs; at times sounding like everyone from Wilco to M. Ward to Vinyl Skyway.  Seperating them from their competitors in the stuffy part because the list of alt-indie rock groups is where things get cluttered.   Is there a prominent place on the shelf for Nada Surf?   It's tough to grow a fan base even with music that sounds this good, unfortunately – because so many bands (i.e., My Morning Jacket) have taken it all to the next level.   But these 10 tracks still move nicely into their place within the bands lofty catalog.  Keep them on your shelf.



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