1 paragraph Album Review: Fruit Bats – Absolute Loser

Published by JB on May 16, 2016

Album release date:  May 13, 2016

Album Review: Fruit Bats – Absolute Loser (9/10)

Johnson’s finest Fruit Bats album to date; and that says a lot.

Eric Johnson’s Fruit Bats moniker achieves near perfection on this, his 6th album, and first since 2011’s Day Tripper.   The all too long 4.5 years in between Fruit Bats albums has produced perhaps Johnson’s finest album to date; which alone is a remarkable feat when sifting through his wonderful catalog of skilled songwriting.  His penchant for beautiful melodies is top shelf and The Absolute Loser produces many.   The Fruit Bats classic singles list will now contain “My Sweet Midwest”, the jumping “Humbug Mountain Song” and the folk-rock beauty of the album opener “From a Soon-To-Be Ghost town”.  In fact, take your pick; even buried tracks like “Good Things Will Come To You” jump off the turntable in what is a seminal LP from front to back.  Johnson glides along gracefully between uptempo indie folk-rock, mid-tempo and slow, churning tracks; displaying an effortless ability to master all three styles.  An early candidate for indie album of the year, in fact I’m struggling to think of one better thus far in 2016.


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